As you might have noticed in the press, my employer has launched a new product called BBot. I’m very excited about this, since I’ve been working on this project from its conception mid last year. After prototyping and demoing capabilities to Microsoft and potential customers, we finally got to the stage where we can actually start selling these things! Have a look at BBot combines our extensive knowledge in the B2B space, the Microsoft platform (Windows, BizTalk, Sharepoint, ISA) and our own B2B Suite software together with a very smart way of automatically configuring, updating and monitoring the Appliance without human intervention. Especially the latter was the most important part of BBot that I’ve payed most attention to. We’ve come up with a web service architecture that solves the sharing of configurations and other metadata (such as certificates) in a very elegant and efficient way. Wanna know more? Ping me! I’ll be doing loads of webcasts in the next couple of weeks/months on this topic.

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