About me

My name is Gijs. I’m an integration guy. But more and more, I see integration as just a (very important) part of creating tailor made systems of innovation. I’m passionate about service oriented architecture in a Paas world. That includes microservices!

I’m a co-founder of Motion10 and as the CTO responsible for technology vision, strategy and innovation.

I’ve been awarded Microsoft Integration MVP from 2006-2013 (7 times in a row). I’m a P-Seller (a.k.a. P-TSP a.k.a. V-TSP) Integration for Microsoft. I was actually the first one in Holland. I’m also a technology advisor for the Microsoft technologies Azure, API Management, Integration and Blockchain. I’m the chairman of the Dutch Microsoft Integration User Group (MIUG NL http://www.miug.nl).

A little bit of history:

From October 2001 I’ve worked closely with the BizTalk product team in Redmond (believe me, I’ve been on more NW33 and NW34 flights – yes, the bloody DC10 which finally has been replaced with a proper Airbus – between Amsterdam and Seattle than is healthy for you and I knew most BizTalk product managers and program managers, including their eating and drinking habits). Our company Covast developed several accelerators and adapters for BizTalk Server, of which the most popular ones were the EDI Accelerator, AS2 Adapter and B2B Suite.

I’ve been involved with BizTalk Server since its first release in December 2000 and before that spent most of my professional time in integration as well. I was a C system programmer once. So don’t challenge me about code!

Our company Covast in the end had over 500 customers running BizTalk Server, so you can safely say we’ve seen it all. But that only has been the start of lots of new things integration.

In January 2008, Microsoft aqcuired our B2B/EDI technology to incorporate it in BizTalk Server. Our company still keeps on developing and selling new products based on BizTalk Server and Azure, the latest release being the ebMS adapter which provides reliable and secure messaging based on the ebXML standards. We still provided managed services and support for quite a lot of our customers from that era.

During 2008 we started a new company called Motion10. With our very experienced consultants, our extensive knowledge of the BizTalk technology and market and the existing customer base we had a great start and now are in a really nice position as a system integrator focusing purely on Microsoft technology. We’ve been growing rapidly (currently almost 120 people) and are generally regarded as “the experts” on Microsoft Integration, using BizTalk Server and Azure iPaaS and are regarded as the integration experts in the SharePoint and Office 365 and Microsoft BI world as well. We specialize in integration on the Microsoft Application Platform, using SQL Server, SharePoint, BizTalk and related (cloud) technologies such as Azure and Office 365 to create an integrated user experience for end-users, enabling systems of differentiation and innovation .

In fact, in greenfield situations I don’t recommend BizTalk anymore. Just go iPaaS!

I hope you find my blog on Azure PaaS Architecture helpful and look forward to your comments. You can also follow me on Twitter.


Gijs in ‘t Veld

CTO, www.motion10.com (a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner)

Chairman of the Dutch Microsoft Integration User Group (MIUG NL)

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