The October BPI conference in Redmond

A bit late (wow, I think I spent 5 days in my homeland Holland the entire month of October…), but here’s my notes on the BPI conference in Redmond, 4-7 Oct:

First of all, I really liked how it was setup and it was amazing to see how many more people came to this event, compared to the BizTalk 2004 Airlift in Seattle, Oct. 2003.

I was invited to present as well (Tuesday lunch session on B2B) and got tremendous feedback. I also “visited” a couple of presentations (BAM – great job JB & Zach, K2 Workflow – that guy has more WPM (words per minute) than Scott Woodgate, good stuff though).

Covast were platinum sponsor and we had a booth that was visited really well. We even ended up with a couple of great leads!

The funniest thing was an equivalent to Seinfeld’s Soup Nazi – the Heineken Beer Nazi (a “lady” that served beers from behind the bar, but didn’t really want to give more than 2 or 3 at a time…). We found out in the end that we indeed needed to use a certain protocol, before you got your beers!

Great event!!

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