Growth hacking for technology companies

As a start-up or scale-up in the technology business, more specifically the software and services business, it can be hard to face all the challenges that you meet every day. From a commercial perspective, but certainly also from an organization and technology perspective. How do you market you products and services? How do you make sure what you do is different from your competitors? How do you attract the right employees. How do you make sure that you deliver in an excellent way? How do you stay relevant for customers and potential new hires? How do you scale?

As I see it, there are challenges in the following areas when it comes to technology:

  • Strategic personnel management
    • How to hire the right people?
    • How to forecast what skills you need in the short and longer term?
    • How to train and certify your employees in the different career paths?
  • Product management
    • How to make sure you build the right stuff?
    • How to position the products (and services) strategically?
    • How to determine what (cloud) technology, architecture and frameworks to use?
    • How to create a roadmap?
    • How to involve your customers?
    • How to make sure you have a balanced R&D budget? And the right income?
    • How to communicate about your products and services?
  • Delivery quality
    • How to create and govern your delivery approach for software and services?
    • How to guarantee quality?
    • How to share knowledge?
  • Creating and cultivating your company culture
    • How to determine and share your company values?
    • How to make sure people stay intrinsically motivated?
    • How to scale culture?

Every company makes lots of mistakes during their growth and hopefully learns from them. But wouldn’t it be great if you could learn from other companies mistakes as well, so that the price for these learnings will be a lot lower and you will be able to grow quicker and at the same time more sustainably?

I’m available as a member in your advisory board, or you can hire me on a consultancy or project basis to help you with these challenges.

Just let me know if you’re interested, and let’s discuss!

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