Modern Business Apps for Process Excellence

Roger Busser (Technology Advisor at Microsoft) and I have spent the last couple months to work together on a paper around process excellence on the Microsoft platform, called “Modern Business Apps for Process Excellence“.

Many organizations strive for Process Excellence. Business processes are streamlined in order to provide maximum product and service quality with high customer satisfaction against the lowest operational costs. Modern organizations are supported by multiple IT systems which facilitate (parts) of the business processes. The paper describes how Process Excellence can be achieved by using the Microsoft platform.

The paper is interesting for organizations who have chosen or are choosing to use the broad Microsoft (devices and services) platform to run, expose and optimize agile business processes in a fashion that goes beyond traditional Business Process Management (BPM). It will give CIO’s, CTO’s and Architects ideas and directions on how to implement the platform and what benefits it will give in this modern App and Cloud era.

Cheers, Gijs & Roger

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