Dutch BizTalk Skybox

On May 1st I founded the Dutch BizTalk Skybox, a social network based on Yammer dedicated to CIO’s, CTO’s, IT Managers, Programme Managers and Enterprise Architects working for companies that use BizTalk Server.

Today more than 50 companies have become a member and the non-technical discussions around integration have commenced. As the moderator of the group I’m responsible for keeping the exchange of information “on topic” and I regularly trigger discussions.

I’ve always felt that there is a lack of business focus in most presentations, papers, articles and user group meetings dedicated to BizTalk (and related Microsoft integration technologies) and decided to change that, at least in Holland that is šŸ˜‰

Enthused by the birth of and Ā the positive feedback on my latest paper The Business Value Of Microsoft BizTalk Server 2013, I started designing the BizTalk Skybox in my head. Today, it’s been live for a bit more than two weeks. I must say, Yammer is a great platform for this!

I’m looking forward to the lively sharing of experiences and contributing to more use of Microsoft’s integration technology to generate even more business value for the organizations that use it. The number of members that decided to join in the past two weeks is very encouraging and the type and level of information being shared looks promising!

Cheers, Gijs

Founder of BizTalk Skybox

p.s. If you feel you belong to the (Dutch!) target group, just send your request to become a member to moderator@biztalkskybox.nl

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