Business Critical SharePoint

Our company is specialized in creating customer solutions based on Microsoft’s technologies SharePoint, BizTalk, SQL Server and Azure. Combined these technologies can form a real BPM+SOA solution, where SharePoint is used as the presentation layer, including hosting human workflows and BizTalk, SQL and Azure form the integration layer. By modeling human and system workflows with Visio and creating BAM observation models based on that, made visible through Visio Services, a really good BPM+SOA solution can be created using this Microsoft Stack, provided you use the right implementation patterns and guidance.

We have been creating these types of solutions for years already, for our customers. But now Microsoft has also identified this type of use of SharePoint; deploy it as a platform that can be used as a central workspace, surfacing all kinds of back-end data and processes hand-in-hand with the information stored in SharePoint itself. Enabling any time, any place, any device access.

Microsoft have launched the Business Critial SharePoint program last year, and our company takes part in that program. Check out this cool video that explains what it’s all about in 90 seconds.

We’ve organized a couple of seminars around this topic in the Netherlands in 2013 already, together with Microsoft NL. The first two were very successful. The last one will take place on April 2. This will include a very nice end-to-end BPM scenario with Visio Services giving insight in the lead-to-order process and having the ability to adjust business rules to finetune the process. All made possible with SharePoint 2013, BizTalk 2013 and SQL 2012. Fun stuff!

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