Presentation at the 5th SOA & Cloud Symposium, London 9/24

I’ll be presenting “Federated ESB with Microsoft Azure – Architecture & Patterns” at the 5th International SOA & Cloud Symposium in London on September 24th.
The abstract of the presentation is:
With the move to mass-market, multi-tenant SaaS solutions, integration will become even more important than it is today. Now companies can start to deliver their value add to customers not only by building tailor-made solutions anymore, but by leveraging smart combinations of cloud-based offerings.
Gartner stated that SOA is a bridge from traditional computing in the enterprise data center to the hybrid model of computing, engaging enterprise data center and cloud resources. This presentation will provide insight and guidance on how to choose Microsoft integration solutions and how to combine them to create integration architectures that can be applied to PaaS and SaaS models.
Questions raised and addressed during this session include:
• “How do I integrate my back-end systems with multi-tenant SaaS applications?”
• “How do I create composite services that are orchestrated services provided by multiple SaaS applications or even SaaS vendors?”
• “Should I use integration middleware in the cloud (PaaS) to integrate my on-premise applications?”
• “What does hybrid integration architecture look like and how do I manage such an environment?”
Additionally, various Microsoft platform technologies are discussed in relation to cloud computing, including BizTalk Server, Windows Azure Service Bus, and Federated (hybrid) ESB. Enterprise Integration Patterns and SOA Design Principles are further covered in relation to these technologies.
September 24, 2012 – 14:15
The full conference agenda can be found here:

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