Book endorsement – Pro Mapping in BizTalk Server 2009

John and Jim did a great job! I’ve know these guys for a couple of years now since they were one of our first partners  Covast signed up for implementing EDI Accelerator in the US.

I’ve personally worked with John on the Nortel BizTalk project in 2004. With their years of experience in creating BizTalk solutions mainly in the EDI space, they’ve seen all the mapping issues you can imagine and beyond.

The book “Pro mapping in BizTalk Server 2009” is a great resource for developers designing and creating maps in BizTalk Server (>=2004 version). All basic and advanced mappings techniques are described and I love Chapter 17 – taming the dreaded 856 ASN HL Loop.  This is the first book dedicated to the BizTalk Mapper and it has nailed the subject at the first attempt!

Again, great job and highly recommended to everyone working with BizTalk maps.

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