ebXML Message Service (ebMS) Adapter for BizTalk Server

As of this week, the Covast ebMS Adapter for BizTalk Server has been released as a free downloadable package on www.covast.com (Covast is the R&D center of motion10 – www.motion10.com – my employer).

This adapter can be used to exchange messages from within BizTalk Server with trading partners who want or have to use the ebMS 2.0 protocol for its reliable messaging capabilities. There are also several initiatives world-wide that have adapted this protocol, such as healthcare in Scandinavia, various Government bodies in The Netherlands, General Motors and other automotives in the US and other initiatives for example in Canada and South America.

We have been asked by Microsoft to develop this adapter for them because of the vast experience we have in B2B.

The adapter consists of a set of orchestrations (handling retries and acknowledgements), pipelines (handling the ebMS enveloping, encryption and signing) and a tracking database with Admin Console embedded UI and archiving feature. The ebMS Adapter uses the BizTalk Server built-in HTTP(/s), FTP and SMTP adapters for the physical transport. This architecture guarantees full scalability. When taken into production a small fee is required for maintenance and support.

The adapter has been taken into production by various customers throughout the world and is ready to conquer the rest of the (BizTalk) world!

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