BizTalk & SharePoint – integration

It’s been a while since I last posted here. I’ve been *very* busy with our BizTalk Integration practice here at motion10 (consultancy sister of Covast), involved with hiring people, architecture and review jobs, creating education plans and helping find and identify BizTalk projects.

In between these tasks, there was some time left to do presentations. I was very pleased to have been invited to present BizTalk B2B – past, current and future – at the BizTalk User Group NL ( a couple of weeks ago. Although it’s not entirely clear yet what B2B functionality Microsoft has acquired from Covast earlier this year will end up in what version of BizTalk, the story was clear: B2B with BizTalk is becoming better and better.

More and more we run into projects where both BizTalk and SharePoint are involved. SharePoint gives a “face” to the BizTalk (SOA) environment. I’ve done a presentation on BizTalk & SharePoint integration on the SOA & Business Process conference for Microsoft in the Netherlands earlier this year, and last week I did an enhanced version of that presentation for a group of BizTalk and Sharepoint consultants at Sogeti. I’ve become kind of a defacto speaker on this topic here in The Netherlands :-). And now Microsoft has asked me to write a white paper on this very topic.

Stay tuned….

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