BizTalk Server 2006 R2 and BBot

Today is the day! BizTalk Server 2006 R2 is officially launching and Covast is one of the world-wide launching partners with BBot, the world’s first plug-and-play B2B Integration Appliance running BizTalk Server.

As the CTO at Covast I’ve had lots of questions about our positioning once R2 was going to be released. The main reason being, well… BizTalk’s new native EDI (X12 and EDIFACT) and AS2 support and Covast’s main focus having been just that. With more than 600 companies world-wide running EDI Accelerator today (about 10% of the total BizTalk customer base!) we’ve proved that we’re a significant player in that market. In that past two years we’ve been working hard to increase our value add on BizTalk Server. Apart from adding value in the vertical B2B support with our unique BizTalk Transport Adapters (X.400, OFTP, VANs, etc.) and Standards (Tradacoms, Cargo-IMP, EDIG@S, etc.) and also general purpose B2B features such as TPM, we’ve developed a complete new product: BBot.

BBot actually runs R2 and thus you can use its native EDI and AS2 capabilities if you want to…. and the great thing is: we don’t care!

Its architecture is quite unique, making remote configuration, (AS2) certificate management and monitoring very easy. And as a small-to-medium sized user, you don’t need any IT (let alone BizTalk) skills at all. This is a complete new way of deploying B2B integration solutions. Several customers are already using it and were completely ready for big roll-outs.

Have a look at the Microsoft BizTalk Server R2 B2B page and check out the general information and case studies.

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