BBot’s development has been quite a ride!

I’ve been working with BizTalk, SQL, BAM, SharePoint, Office, etc. etc. for more than 6 years know, but bundling it all together on a hardware device that can be configured remotely through the BBot registry has been quite challenging. For instance, integrating the BAM portal facilities nicely in the BBot portal was in fact the biggest nightmare.

Here’s a picture that tells what we felt like:

BBot Surgery

But we pulled through. And the result is awesome. Nice same look and feel through the use of the CSS provided with the BAM portal. Wow! The Hub owner can package his solution for the BBots in his community using the BBot Packager (shipped with BBot Developer edition), including BizTalk msi, BAM Workbook.XML and Tracking Profile, Infopath templates and Hub documentation for the BBot end-user. And as the BBot end-user, you can integrate with your Office environment (Outlook, Excel), monitor through SharePoint Services on BBot and create BAM Alerts yourself which will result in Emails sent by the BBot informing you of such business related events such as “Order received of more than $100,000-“.

BBot is for real now – hello, world!

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