B2B Appliance

Last week I spent the whole week in Redmond, because of the SOA & BP conference going on there. It was really a great week (although I must admit I only actually saw 1 presentation due to the vast amount of meetings with Microsoft, partners, preparations for our own presentation and of course the booth duty)!

On October 3rd we launched our partnership with Network Engines (see www.networkengines.com) and in the booth we had during the expo hours at the conference we were showing the result of that partnership: the first B2B Appliance running on the BizTalk Server platform. That thing actually looks very cool and everyone had the urge to touch it. We got lots of interest and also after the presentation we did on Thursday lots of partners and customer came to me to discuss all the ideas and cool solutions they came up with for the B2B Appliance.

In the next couple of weeks we will be following up with the people we met and had great discussions with. Stay tuned.

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