EDI Accelerator 2006 Beta released

Last week we released the Beta version of our EDI Accelerator 2006 to a limited number of customers who had signed up for beta testing the 2006 version. We are very excited about this new release, since it is the most integrated EDI solution ever running on BizTalk Server.


  • Full scalability, since EDI translation is now done in the pipeline
  • Orchestration based outbound batching
  • All Covast connectors (AS2, All the VANs, OFTP, FTP, FILE, MSMQ, IBM MQSeries, X.400, HTTP/s) have become BizTalk Transport Adapters
  • EDI Explorer (meta data management) integrated in Visual Studio with a very intuitive user interface
  • Deployment ease – all EDI related artifacts are part of the assembly now

Finally, BizTalk Server has become a fully capable B2B gateway that scales to even the most demanding customers’ needs.

The final version will be released end of March!

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