Trading Partner Management

One “problem” with the fact that BizTalk Server and the EDI Accelerator are becoming very successful all the way up to the enterprise level, is that these types of companies are constantly trying to find the limits of software products. Of course Microsoft and Covast have been working very hard on making our software enterprise-ready in the past couple of years. We have deployed our solutions in enterprises that process massive amounts of EDI messages every day and we are very proud of that.

Companies however also run into limitations with regard to setting up and managing large amounts of Trading Partners in their B2B infrastructure. Imagine that you have to manage 15.000 or even more trading partners! It would be very valuable if you were able to reduce the amount of time needed to set up a trading partner in 5 hours time instead of 2 days for example. Think about the enormous cost reductions that could be made there. Monitoring SLA compliance per trading partner, partner self-testing, reporting facilities that scale to your needs and mass import and export of trading partner details are all features that would help these types of large scale companies to ease the trading partner management burden.

Covast will be releasing exactly the solution needed for this: The Trading Partner Management feature pack for the EDI Accelerator 2006 for BizTalk Server. For more information read the press release.

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