Welcome to my BizTalk Notes!

I’ve been working with BizTalk Server since its first release in December 2000. Our company has over 300 customers running on BizTalk Server, and we add about 30 each quarter.

Since October 2001 I’ve been working closely with the BizTalk product team in Redmond (believe me, I’ve been on more NW33 and NW34 flights – yes, the bloody DC10 which finally has been replaced with a proper Airbus – between Amsterdam and Seattle than is healthy for you and I know most BizTalk product managers and program managers, including their eating and drinking habits) and our company has developed several products for BizTalk, of which the most sold ones are the EDI Accelerator and AS2 Adapter. The latest product released is the Map Accelerator, which helps you migrate B2B integration solutions to BizTalk Server.

I guess you could say we know BizTalk quite well (hey, I even passed the BizTalk 2004 mini exam @ TechEd 2005 in Orlando ;-).

I hope you find my notes on BizTalk helpful and look forward to your comments.

Gijsbert in ‘t Veld
Covast CTO
Microsoft Gold Certified Partner

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